Can this be the Future of Food Packaging?

Swedish design company Tomorrow Machine has generated a couple of concepts of what food packaging might probably seem like within the future. The concept pictured on top of could be a compact food package that expands when hot water is added. It saves area and is made of one hundred perishable material.

Here are a few ideas of future food packaging from Tomorrow Machine:

Smoothie Box

This box is meant for any liquids that require to be refrigerated and have a short life once opened. The box is formed out of seaweed gel, and as shortly as you open it, it starts decomposing. The concept is to have the box have constant life because of the things it contains.

Oil Container

You crack open this oil container such as you would an egg. It's created out of sugar and wax. As you crack the packaging, the package can dissolve in water.

Rice and Grain Packaging

You peel this rice packaging such as you would a fruit! It's manufactured from beeswax.

With new technological development and alternative materials for biodegradable food packaging the food industry has an innovative future to tangle the emerging risks due to packaging problems. The new technology not only provide better packaging but also reduces the cost of packaging a product and make packaging material eco-friendly. 

So, what do you think? Is this the type of design you would like to envision for future food packaging? Is it on the proper track, or ought to we be trying to induce obviate food packaging altogether?


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